All over Central and Eastern Europe, in villages much like the one in which little Vesna and her baby brother live, Roma children,in Roma families are born, live out their lives, raise their own families, and then die anonymously.

Their stories, colored by the daily struggle to survive, thrive, and keep hope alive, have stained and scarred the landscape of Europe leaving behind deep marks of shame and bitterness, sadness and despair. The echoes of their despair leaves a witness of the lost opportunities to realize their God-given gifting and potential. A great loss to us all.

A Bowl of Red Cherries is the sum of the parts of each of their little stories spoken against the backdrop of the even greater story of God's love for each and every precious heart. His hope for the future, and the future of all the Roma peoples, comes through the love that He shares with each of His children by His presence. His presence, revealed in ways of surprising wonder, is always there. For those who are willing to look for it, His presence may be found within His creation. The story of God's enduring presence, shared with you now in this little narrative, is His presence expressed by His gifts of love, and care, kindness, and hope ...even, as Vesna will discover, in the gift of an old and weathered cherry tree.