The MY FIRST BOOK CLUB digital book library, brought to the young child by Harris the Hedgehog, is a series of eight colourful books highlighting the early experiences and image world of the emergent reader (ages 0-5): My First Book of Colours, My First Book of Numbers, My Food, My Animals, My Toys, My House, My Clothes, and My Family. The books are being offered in the national languages as well as the mother tongue 'heretage' languages of Asia and Europe.


When opened together on Iphone, IPad or Computer, each book is meant to enhance the early "read-to-me" moments between the parent, grandparent, pre-school teacher, older sibling and the young child. The MY FIRST BOOK CLUB digital book library brings color and text together in order to encourage increased "read-to" experiences, and alphabetic and phonetic awareness in the mother tongue– all of which, studies have shown, increase early success at literacy and simple numeracy.


The MY FIRST BOOK CLUB books are enhanced by the matching videos which may be used in pre-school classroom or at home along side of each engagement with the matching book. At the end of each book there are four "SHOW ME" pages which may be used to further engage the young child with the words and pictures he has enjoyed throughout the book. Pointing and remembering activities may be used to enhance the experience of these emergent literacy "read to me" moments.

Look for more books, videos, and additional languages each week!